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Comics and activity books FOR SCHOOL

  • Helps and supports newly qualified teachers with their CPD.

  • Cross curricular, not just a maths lesson but also a literacy lesson.

  • Differentiated workbooks compliment children’s learning through rigorous activities.

  • Inspires pupils towards positive goals, to increase self-esteem and to strive for success.

  • Teachers can use them in summative assessments to evaluate children’s understanding.


  • Encourages parents to engage with  children’s achievement in maths.

  • Nurtures children's enthusiasm for learning.  

  • Supports  independent learning with topic specific activities to enhance  everyday maths learning.

Mr Numbervator | Sovereign Comics

Maths curriculum covered includes:

  • Equivalent & ordering fractions.

  • Multiplying & dividing by 10s, 100s, & 1000s.

  • Angles.

  • Multiplication tables.

  • Divisibility rules.

  • Percentages.

          *(released periodically)

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