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Press Kit

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Sovereign Comics

We create exceptional original story content for audiences young and old, ranging from interactive learning resources to animation. We concentrate on the aspirational and educational, while also delivering sheer entertainment. Our aim is to inspire, inform, and amaze through the art of storytelling.


To transform and grow comic-based media, utilizing cutting edge animation technology in education and revolutionising virtual learning environments. Cultivating diversity, entrepreneurship, creative skills training and promoting social mobility. To dominate VR, and augmented reality in online education in the UK, whilst becoming a major force in animated family entertainment on streaming platforms.

Founding date: December 2016

Location: London

Press contact information:

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  • Sovereign Smash: Graphic novel workshop initially for Grenfell's community; started Feb 2020.

  • Mr Numbervator: Ongoing maths comic series and activity books sold in UK schools; launched Sep 2021.

  • Numeracy Workshop: Successful event at Wembley stadium for primary students, with more planned.

  • Brent Project: Won community grant against 36 competitors to raise literacy, numeracy, levels in Brent Jul 2022.

  • 'Read Between The Lines': Crowd-funded comic with Liberty Lines on county lines issues; partnerships with Met Police and charities.

  • MCM Comic Con Debut: Featured new merchandise and live events, May 26-28, 2023; marked company's community standing.

  • London Newspapers: Sovereign Comics was featured in the London Metro and London Evening Standard, showcasing impactful work at Burlington House Sixth Form October. 

What’s so special about Sovereign Comics?

Sovereign Comics' products and services stand out for their uniqueness and innovation. The company's pioneering approach to using comic books in mainstream education remains largely untapped, offering tremendous potential for growth. Positioned at the forefront of edutainment, Sovereign Comics boasts a dynamic, multidisciplinary team. Its target audience is expansive, catering to young people aged 8-21 through workshops and publications. Additionally, the company maintains a diverse library of intellectual properties designed to appeal to people of all ages beyond the educational realm.

Image Gallery   ©all images are copyright of sovereign comics limited all rights reserved. The Sovereign Comics logo is a registered trademark of Sovereign Comics Limited.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Meet The Team

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Paul  Nelson

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Paul Nelson: co-founder / writer for Sovereign Comics. Has held roles in HM government’s cabinet office, project management, sales/marketing, with 17 years as a professional writer notably in music and publishing. Outstanding achievements in music (as Phoenix Da IceFire) include an AIM award nominated album, performances with Wu Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, KRS One and many more. 

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Dean Richards

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Dean Richards: co-founder, editor, art director, and character designer at Sovereign Comics. Has 22 years’ experience in visual media (illustration, 2d and 3d animation, digital film making, script writing, and broadcast radio) with visual effects credits in feature films. Worked with BBC, ITN, Saatchi and Saatchi and various blue-chip companies.

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Isaac Anoom

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Isaac Anoom (AKA Mr. Numbervator) is an OFSTED-commended, Key Stage 1-3 maths consultant who designs school development plans to improve learning outcomes in maths. A recipient of the ‘Teacher of the Year’ award, he has served as Primary Maths Advisor for Guernsey and continues to write and present maths programmes for the BBC. Isaac has received letters of commendation from the Secretary of State for Education as well as mathematics consultants, teachers and parents.

Anchor 1

Stephen Proctor, Head of Burlington House Sixth Form

I am the Head of the Burlington House Sixth Form, our students come from all over London, including Brent and all have an EHCP for Special Educational Needs. When I opened this unique London Sixth Form I was desperate for our students to gain experiences and knowledge that went beyond the classroom. Many of my students have lived sheltered lives and fall into a group where only 5% gain employment in adulthood.


Our students love Anime and through Instagram I discovered Sovereign Comics. Paul and Dean at Sovereign share the passion to empower young people that I do and have delivered a series of workshops to the students so far. These workshops were so well received that we are now going to create two Sovereign Smash Comics and embark on an internship programme together. Within the workshops their is unique energy and chemistry that Paul and Dean use to get our often tricky teenagers to engage. Teachers who have dreamt of the level of engagement in their lessons for months have seen Paul and Dean gain students trust, passion and inquisitiveness within minutes of the workshops beginning.


Sovereign Comics is authentic, the young people are so genuinely interested in this that it is literally the highlight of the students week. It is something that I look forward to growing with them in my own work and I fully share in their vision of engagement with youths in our communities who have seen so many opportunities close over the last 2 decades.

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