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Sovereign Comics

We make incredible original story content for young and old alike, from interactive learning resources to animation.
We focus on the aspirational, educational as well as the all out entertaining, to inspire, to inform and to amaze, through the art of storytelling.


To transform and grow comic-based media, utilizing cutting edge animation technology in education and revolutionising virtual learning environments. Cultivating diversity, entrepreneurship, creative skills training and promoting social mobility. To dominate VR, and augmented reality in online education in the UK, whilst becoming a major force in animated family entertainment on streaming platforms.

Founding date: December 2016

Location: London

Size of the company: 5 employees

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  • Super Healthy Comic: Sovereign comics created the super healthy comic to tackle childhood obesity to help reduce health inequalities for future generations of children and young people in England (Published in September 2019).

  • Sovereign Smash: Sovereign Comics conceived this graphic novel creation workshop which was first delivered to the children of the community of Grenfell. Young people are taught the basis of script writing and illustration and produce a 10-page comic/magazine (February 2020).

  • Mr Numbervator comic book series: Sovereign Comics partnered with Isaac Anoom aka Mr Numbervator to create the first of an ongoing maths comic book series along with three differentiated activity books (emerging, secure and advanced) which is currently being sold to a number of schools across the UK as well as online internationally (September 2021).

  • Numeracy workshop: Sovereign Comics and Mr Numbervator using their comic books and maths games designed for primary school children delivered a two-day workshop for two schools at Wembley stadium’s learning zone with great success, the first of many to come.

  • You Decide community grant: Sovereign Comics competed for an up to £50,000 grant to deliver a project aimed at tackling issues within the Brent community. Competing against 36 other organisations, it delivered a 3-minute pitch to achieve a successful bid with the aim of improving literacy and numeracy skills, in addition to building an animation studio equipped to deliver workshops to young people, (July 2022).

  • Red Between The Lines comic: Sovereign Comics were commissioned by Liberty Lines which is a charity of young Barristers to tackle issues surrounding county lines. The collaboration launched a successful crowd funder raising £12,000 to create a comic book with the objective of having it distributed through schools and raising much needed awareness. This has been done in partnership with the Metropolitan police, Missing People organisation and Unseen which is an organisation tackling human trafficking.

What’s so special about Sovereign Comics?

Sovereign Comics' products and services are unique and innovative. The company’s approach of using comic books to service mainstream education is something that has not yet been exploited to its fullest potential, and there his huge scope for expansion in this area. The company is at the cutting edge of edutainment, and it has a dynamic multidisciplinary team. Sovereign Comics’ target audience is quite broad and creates workshops and publications for young people aged 8-18 and in addition has a library of intellectual properties to appeal to people of all ages outside of the educational sphere.

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Meet The Team


Paul  Nelson

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Paul Nelson: co-founder / writer for Sovereign Comics. Has held roles in HM government’s cabinet office, project management, sales/marketing, with 17 years as a professional writer notably in music and publishing. Outstanding achievements in music (as Phoenix Da IceFire) include an AIM award nominated album, performances with Wu Tang Clan, Big Daddy Kane, KRS One and many more. 

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