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Sovereign Comics in  Black History Month Magazine

April, 27, 2021

They say everything starts with an idea... and Sovereign comics was just that, it all started with a story that came from rapper turned writer Paul Nelson also known as Phoenix Da Icefire, who debuted in 2009, and whose latest project entitled “PANACEA” was nominated for an AIM award for best album of 2020. He decided that the concept for a new mythology which hit his imagination like a bolt of lightning was too exciting to keep to himself.

earl ampliy.jpg

A celebratory KNIGHT with Sovereign Comics

October 17 2019

We join the recently knighted Simon Woolley, has been instrumental in empowering millions of BME (black and minority ethnic) people in the UK to take part and vote, launching the organisation Operation Black Vote.

Sovereignty in the age of the extinction rebellion

November, 13, 2019

a trail blazer, a passionate and talented poet, mother and activist, gain deeper insight into what some in the media have dubbed "A radical movement". Just a glimpse into one of the many faces and personalities that go to make up the Extinction Rebellion as an organisation.


January, 25, 2020

Deputy head teacher of Britannia village sat down with Sovereign Comics and gave us such a warm and friendly greeting, as we discussed deep rooted social issues and the need to engage young people with a new and innovative approach.

The power of wellness

February, 7, 2020

Our team arrived by the early hours of a crisp winter morning Wednesday 5th February in the heart of Wembley at the Brent civic centre just outside of the world renowned stadium.

Sovereign Amplification Jutsu!

February, 29, 2020

The team were invited to Rugby Portobello Trust’s “Amplify” youth centre to break the ice with the young people in attendance there.

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