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Vote for Sovereign Comics  in Brent on July 16th 2022
Sovereign Comics cordially invites you to vote for the future of learning in Harlesden, with the London borough of Brent's You decide community fund!

Update:    WE WON!



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Sovereign Comics is asking Harlesden locals to vote for us on decision day.

We are proposing to build an exciting learning resource for Harlesden children as part of Brent’s Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) which enables local people to decide on how to spend money on issues important to them and their local community.

Decision day for NCIL projects takes place Saturday 16th July from 1pm at the Brent hub community enterprise centre 6 hillside NW10 8BN, where the community of Brent will vote on the projects that will take place for the benefit of the Harlesden community.

Sovereign Comics are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people and have made a long-term commitment to positively impact attainment and skills training amongst the most disadvantaged.

We use edutainment to engage inspire and teach the next generation to achieve their very best in life and to impart many transferrable skills in the process, but we can do so much more in collaboration with you the Brent community.

Our workshops encompass the following:

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Illustration & design

  • Script writing

  • Animation

  • Mathematics

  • Video production

  • Group activities

We teach the art of storytelling using a variety of mediums to inspire knowledge, awareness, and discussion on an array of topics, and to give young people the skills they need to be effective communicators. Amongst our many projects Sovereign Comics are currently tackling topics as diverse as county lines, childhood obesity and mathematics with Mr Numbervator and have an especially exciting project that we are thrilled to present to Brent residents on decision day July 16th. You can register to attend and vote at the event by clicking here,

then click the "select a time" button to get a free ticket to attend the event at 13:00.

So, join us Saturday 16th July from 1pm at the Brent hub community enterprise centre 6 hillside NW10 8BN and vote Sovereign Comics on the day that matters most, and remember…


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