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The divine under cosmic strobe lights

I must declare that I am absolutely besotted by the gift that is Chris Kut... Before I even get down to my annotation on this most marvellous untitled piece I dubbed “The divine under cosmic strobe lights” I must say I really appreciate when artists mine these precious artistic jewels from their soul and really give a piece of themselves, As an artist myself I know what it takes to convey such complex emotion and messages that may be used as a type of cathartic endeavour or a deep insight into the otherworldly.... this piece right here in my opinion seems like both of those things all in one.

The bedding image of this painting gives me wild rural feels of both the land and sea completely undisturbed by the desecrated hands of human sin. The leaves look like gentle fire, the waters remind me of engine oil on the ground after a rainy day with rainbow skies and promises of brighter days... sea fish emerge from the water as if birthed from rainbow light oil swirls along with peculiar creatures which for me holds of the deepest messages in this painting.

Humanoid rabbits, bears, deer, eagles and even a mound of dirt which has been crowned with the symbol of the all seeing eye with eyes closed rest in the bosom of what looks like an occasion of freedom and exploration. This to me speaks volumes about the perspective of the painter illustrating community, braking boundaries of aesthetic prejudice, this painter is challenging the belief of separateness as the blurred lines of what should and shouldn’t co exist quite clearly as every level merge into one like individual notes played to make a classic and most beautiful musical triumph.

The rays of high intense pastel colours beam down on this cosmic gathering like party popper strings, it for me when I look at it seems like that’s what music should look like if that makes sense. The rays look like communication and guidance that seems to be soothing those who are privileged enough to experience it.

This psychonaught painter has given me such a treat as I sit on the side lines waiting for more... I am honestly blessed


Leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts, I hope you all enjoy.

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