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The Mr Numbervator Maths Radio Show 

Hey Sovereignteers, it’s time to get mathematical! We have a brand new and exciting show every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm where our very own superhero maths dynamo Isaac Anoom will answer all things maths related, give tips, strategies, arithmetic practice and test preparation for all of London’s 32 boroughs and beyond. Not just that, but the show is also currently the only weekly maths radio show in England.


Isaac Anoom AKA Mr Numbervator has been on a roll lately having recently published his Mr Numbervator Equivalent Fractions comic available to buy from Sovereign Comics right here. Now each week he is bringing his dynamic teaching style and dazzling personality to the airwaves on the show which is aimed at school pupils, teachers and parents alike and broadcast live on the Northwest London based Chalk Hill Community Radio station, available to listen to worldwide on the internet.


Isaac’s show is also simultaneously streamed on the Sovereign Comics UK YouTube channel, where you will occasionally see some very special guests pop in to discuss maths related good news. Guests on previous weeks have already included super headteacher Marva Rollins OBE, artist Jack Hines whose mission is to draw every building in London, and still to come is the eight year old who has been crowned the "top mathlete" in the UK.

But don’t just believe us, you can hear it live from the super maths man himself at the links below so GET DIALLING!!!


Listen live every Wednesday evening  at 5:30pm – 6:30pm


Listen to all previous shows here:

Join the Mr Numbervator show Telegram channel for all latest news and updates:

Watch the livestream at Sovereign Comics UK YouTube Channel

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